Blood Hollow: A Novel Cork O’Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - When a high school student’s body is found and her boyfriend goes missing, tough-as-nails former sheriff Cork O’Connor is forced into the center of an eerie mystery with a shocking twist in this “vivid and realistic” Booklist, Anthony Award-winning novel from New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger.

When the body of a beautiful high school student is discovered on a hillside four months after her disappearance on New Year’s Eve, all evidence points to her boyfriend, local bad boy Solemn Winter Moon. And when solemn reappears, claiming to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ in Blood Hollow, the mystery becomes thornier than Cork could ever have anticipated.

Blood Hollow: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - In an uphill battle to clear Solemn’s name, Cork encounters no shortage of adversity. What cork isn’t prepared for is the emergence of a long-held resentment from his own childhood. And that's when the miracles start happening. Some—like bigotry and bureaucracy—he knows all too well. Despite solemn’s self-incriminating decision to go into hiding, Cork O’Connor isn’t about to hang the crime on a kid he’s convinced is innocent.

Mercy Falls: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - In this “smart and satisfying” booklist award-winning mystery from William Kent Krueger’s stunning Cork O’Connor series, the charismatic detective faces his most dangerous case to date. Back in the saddle as sheriff of tamarack county, Cork O’Connor is lured to the nearby Ojibwe reservation on what appears to be a routine call—only to become the target of sniper fire.

Sparks fly when the wealthy Jacoby family hires a beautiful private investigator to consult on the case. Soon after, he’s called to investigate a mutilated body found perched above the raging waters of Mercy Falls. But somewhere beneath the turbulent Mercy Falls lies the truth—and Cork is determined to find it.

Mercy Falls: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - . Murder, sex, greed, and jealousy hide around every corner in this maze of danger. But once cork discovers an old and passionate tie between one of the Jacoby’s sons and his own wife, he begins to suspect that dark, Jo, personal motives lurk behind recent events. The victim is eddie jacoby, a Chicago businessman negotiating an unpopular contract between his management firm and the local Indian casino.

Purgatory Ridge: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - And it soon becomes clear to Cork that danger, both at home and in Aurora, lurks around every corner…. Meanwhile, near lindstrom’s lakeside home, a reclusive shipwreck survivor and his sidekick are harboring their own resentment of the industrialist. When an explosion kills the night watchman at wealthy industrialist Karl Lindstrom’s nearby lumber mill, it’s obvious where suspicion will fall.

When mayhem descends on a tiny logging town, former sheriff cork o’connor is called upon to investigate a murder in this “wonderful page-turner” The Denver Post that “prolongs suspense to the very end” Publishers Weekly by Edgar Award-winning author William Kent Krueger. Not far from aurora, 752, lies an ancient expanse of great white pines, Minnesota population 3, sacred to the Anishinaabe tribe.

Purgatory Ridge: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - Former sheriff cork o’Connor agrees to help investigate, but he has mixed feelings about the case. For one thing, he is part Anishinaabe. For another, his wife, a lawyer, represents the tribe.

Copper River: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Sheriff cork o’connor is running for his life—straight into a murderous conspiracy involving teenage runaways in this thrilling installment of William Kent Krueger’s “buy-today-read-tonight series” Lee Child. Desperately avoiding the professional hit men who have already put a bullet in his leg, Cork finds sanctuary outside the small Michigan town of Bodine.

But as his deadly followers close in, Cork realizes he’s made an error any good man might make—and it may be his last. Used book in Good Condition. But while he’s hiding out in an old resort owned by his cousin Jewell DuBois, a bitter widow with a fourteen-year-old son named Ren, the body of a young girl surfaces along the banks of the Copper River.

Copper River: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - Instead of thwarting his assassins, Cork focuses on tracking a ring of killers who prey on innocent children—desperate to catch them before anyone else falls victim. And then, soon after, another teenager vanishes.

Thunder Bay: A Novel 7 Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - But why would wellington want his father dead? this question takes cork on a journey through time as he unravels the story of Meloux’s 1920s adventure in the ore-rich wilderness of Canada, where his love for a beautiful woman, greed, led him into a trap of treachery, far outside his culture, and murder.

As cork hastens to uncover the truth and save his friend, he soon discovers that his own life is in danger and is reminded that the promises we keep—even for the best of friends—can sometimes place us in the hands of our worst enemies. When a murder attempt is made on old Meloux’s life, all clues point north across the border.

The past and present collide along the rocky shores of Thunder Bay, where a father’s unconditional love is tested by a son’s deeply felt resentment, and where jealousy and revenge remain the code among men. Happy and content in his hometown of aurora, Minnesota, Cork O’Connor has left his badge behind and is ready for a life of relative peace, setting up shop as a private investigator.

Thunder Bay: A Novel 7 Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - The promise, as I remember it, happened this way. In william kent krueger’s “finest work” michael connelly, detective Cork O’Connor unravels a mystery for his old friend Henry Meloux, only to get caught in the blistering crossfire of jealousy and revenge. But his newfound state of calm is soon interrupted when henry meloux, a wealthy and reclusive industrialist living in Thunder Bay, Cork uses his investigative skills to locate Henry Wellington, makes a request: Will Cork find the son that Henry fathered long ago? With little to go on, an Ojibwe medicine man and Cork’s spiritual adviser, Ontario.

Used book in Good Condition.

Boundary Waters: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Somewhere in the heart of this unforgiving territory, a young woman named Shiloh—a country-western singer at the height of her fame—has disappeared. Cork joins a search party that includes an ex-con, two FBI agents, and a ten-year-old boy. Used book in Good Condition. Former small-town sheriff cork o’connor leads a desperate search-and-rescue mission into the unforgiving Minnesota wilderness in this “gritty, bloody adventure” Publishers Weekly from critically acclaimed author William Kent Krueger’s award-winning mystery series.

Others are on shiloh’s trail as well—men hired not just to find her, but to kill her. The quetico-superior wilderness: more than two million acres of forest, white-water rapids, and uncharted islands on the Canadian/American border. Meanwhile, out on the Boundary Waters, winter falls hard. As the expedition ventures deeper into the wilderness, strangers descend on Aurora, threatening to spill blood on the town’s snowy streets.

Boundary Waters: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - Cork’s team of searchers loses contact with civilization, and like the brutal winds of a Minnesota blizzard, death—violent and sudden—stalks them. Her father arrives in aurora, Minnesota, to hire Cork O’Connor to find his daughter.

Red Knife: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Racing to find answers before the bloodshed spreads, Cork himself becomes involved in the darkest of deeds. A former sheriff, fought, cork has lived, and nearly died to keep the small-town streets and his family safe from harm. When the head of the red boyz and his wife are murdered in a way that suggests execution, and the citizens of Tamarack County brace themselves for war, the Ojibwe gang mobilizes, white against red.

Used book in Good Condition. Private investigator cork o’connor finds himself caught in the middle of a racial gang war that’s turning picturesque Tamarack County, Minnesota, into a battlefield. When the daughter of a powerful businessman dies as a result of her meth addiction, her father, strong-willed and brutal Buck Reinhardt, vows revenge.

Red Knife: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - . As the unspeakable unfolds in the remote and beautiful place he calls home, Cork is forced to confront the horrific truth: violence is a beast that cannot be contained. He knows that violence is never a virtue, but he believes that it’s sometimes a necessary response to the evil that men do. Both sides look to cork o’Connor, a man of mixed heritage, to uncover the truth behind the murders.

In red knife, krueger gives his readers a vivid picture of racial conflict in small-town America, husbands and wives, as well as a sensitive look at the secrets we keep from even those closest to us and the destructive nature of all that is left unsaid between fathers and sons, friends and lovers. His target is the red boyz, a gang of Ojibwe youths accused of supplying the girl’s fatal drug dose.

Heaven's Keep: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Used book in Good Condition. Intrepid hero cork o’connor faces the most harrowing mission of his life when a charter plane carrying his wife, Jo, goes missing in a snowstorm over the Wyoming Rockies. Months after the tragedy, two women show up on Cork’s doorstep with evidence that the pilot of Jo’s plane was not the man he claimed to be.

Agreeing to investigate, who have much to lose if the truth is known, the open hostility of the Northern Arapaho, where he battles the interference of local law enforcement who may be on the take, Cork travels to Wyoming, and the continuing attempts on his life by assassins who shadow his every move.

Heaven's Keep: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - It may not be definitive proof, but it’s a ray of light in the darkness. At the center of all the danger and deception lies the possibility that Jo’s disappearance was not the end of her, that somewhere along the labyrinthine path of his search, maybe even in the broad shadow of Heaven’s Keep itself, Cork will find her alive and waiting for him.

Vermilion Drift: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Vermilion drift is a powerful novel, filled with all the mystery and suspense for which Krueger has won so many awards. New threats surface, and unless Cork can unravel the tangled thread of clues quickly, more death is sure to come. But the sixth has been dead less than a week. Five appear to be nearly half a century old—connected to what the media once dubbed "The Vanishings, " a series of unsolved disappearances in the summer of 1964, when Cork’s father was sheriff in Tamarack County.

Time is running out, however. What’s worse, two of the bodies—including the most recent victim—were killed using Cork’s own gun, one handed down to him from his father. William kent krueger’s gripping tale of suspense begins with a recurring nightmare, a gun, and a wound in the earth so deep and horrific that it has a name: Vermilion Drift.

Vermilion Drift: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - Deep in the mine during his first day on the job, Cork stumbles across a secret room that contains the remains of six murder victims. When the department of energy puts an underground iron mine on its short list of potential sites for storage of nuclear waste, a barrage of protest erupts in Tamarack County, Minnesota, and Cork is hired as a security consultant.

Used book in Good Condition. Some nights, corcoran O’Connor dreams his father’s death. As cork searches for answers, he must dig into his own past and that of his father, a well-respected man who harbored a ghastly truth.

Northwest Angle: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series

Atria Books - Amid the wreckage, Cork and Jenny discover the body of a teenage girl. Used book in Good Condition. She wasn’t killed by the storm, however; she’d been bound and tortured before she died. With his family caught in the crosshairs of a group of brutal killers, detective Cork O’Connor must solve the murder of a young girl in the latest installment of William Kent Krueger’s unforgettable New York Times bestselling series.

With his family caught in the crosshairs of a group of brutal killers, detective Cork O’Connor must solve the murder of a young girl in William Kent Krueger’s latest unforgettable New York Times bestseller. During a houseboat vacation on the remote lake of the Woods, stranding Cork and his daughter, a violent gale sweeps through unexpectedly, Jenny, on a devastated island where the wind has ushered in a force far darker and more deadly than any storm.

Northwest Angle: A Novel Cork O'Connor Mystery Series - Nearby, they also find a baby boy, hungry and dehydrated, underneath a tangle of branches, but still very much alive. Powerful forces intent on securing the child pursue them to the isolated Northwest Angle, where it’s impossible to tell who among the residents is in league with the devil, but Cork understands that to save his family he must solve the puzzle of this mysterious child whom death follows like a shadow.

Trickster's Point Cork O'Connor

Atria Books - The dying don’t easily become the dead. Now in paperback! the action never stops in the New York Times bestselling Cork O’Connor mystery series—and this time O’Connor is targeted by a political assassin. William kent krueger’s latest new york times bestseller is a thrilling exploration of the motives, both good and ill, sometimes deadly, that lead men and women into the difficult, political arena.

The arrow turns out to be one of Cork’s, and he becomes the primary suspect in the murder. As he works to clear his name and track the real killer, a populist politician, complex relationship with the tough kid who would grow up to become a professional football player, he remembers his long, and the lover of the first woman to whom Cork ever gave his heart.

Trickster's Point Cork O'Connor - He understands full well that he’s been set up. Although the men have been bow-hunting, a long-standing tradition among these two friends, this is no hunting accident. Used book in Good Condition. With him is jubal little, who is favored to become the first Native American elected governor of Minnesota and who is slowly dying with an arrow through his heart.

Jubal was known by many for his passion, his loyalty, and his ambition. Cork o’connor is sitting in the shadow of a towering monolith known as Trickster’s Point, deep in the Minnesota wilderness. Only cork knows that he was capable of murder.