Cities and Suburbs

Routledge - A variety of case studies are used in the chapters to explore suburban successes and failures and the discourse concludes with reflections on metropolitan policy and planning for the twenty-first century. Vicino. Cities & Suburbs. Written in a clear and accessible style, the political consequences, their environmental impact, the book addresses various fundamental questions about the socioeconomic role that suburbs and cities play in shaping metropolitan areas, and the resulting policy debates.

Thomas J. This book is a systematic examination of the historical and current roles that cities and suburbs play in US metropolitan areas. It explores the history of cities and suburbs, their changing dynamics with each other, their growing diversity, the environmental consequences of their development and finally the extent and nature of their decline and renewal.

Cities and Suburbs - John Rennie Short. This is essential reading for scholars and students of Geography, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Urban Studies and Urban Planning. Bernadette Hanlon. Cities and suburbs relies on theorized case studies, maps, demographic analysis, and photos from North America. Cities and suburbs: new metropolitan realities in the US offers a comprehensive examination of demographic and socioeconomic processes of US suburbanization by providing a succinct guide to understanding the dynamic relationship between metropolitan structure and processes of social change.

Handbook of Urban Services

Routledge - With conributions from eminent scholars worldwide, this handbook is a "state-of-the-science" summary of the body of knowledge about cultural intelligence--an individual's ability to funtion effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity--and its relevance for managing diversity both within and across Used book in Good Condition.

Place Matters: Metropolitics for the TwentyFirst Century Studies in Government and Public Policy

University Press of Kansas - This trend—economic segregation—no longer simply reflects the racial segregation between white suburbs and minority cities. Thoroughly revised and updated for its third edition, explores a range of policy solutions to address them, Place Matters examines the major trends and problems shaping our cities and suburbs, and looks closely at the potential political coalitions needed to put the country's "urban crisis" back on the public agenda.

The problem of rising inequality is at the center of Place Matters. In cities and suburbs alike, middle class, poor, and wealthy Americans now live in separate geographic spaces. The authors have updated the case studies and examples used to illustrate the book's key themes, incorporated the latest Census data, and drawn on exit polls and other data to examine the voting patterns and outcomes of the 2012 elections.

Place Matters: Metropolitics for the TwentyFirst Century Studies in Government and Public Policy - . How can the united states create the political will to address our major urban problems—poverty, unemployment, toxic pollution, energy consumption, crime, traffic congestion, education, and housing, among others? That's the basic question addressed by the new edition of this award-winning book. And they draw upon the latest research and case studies not only to examine the negative impacts of income inequality and economic segregation, but also assess the efforts that civic and community groups, unions, business, and government are making to tackle them.

Fully up to date and far richer and more provocative, this new version surpasses its previous editions and will continue to be an essential volume for all who study urban politics and care about our cities. Used book in Good Condition. At the same time, americans have grown further apart in terms of where they live, work, and play.

Who Cleans the Park?: Public Work and Urban Governance in New York City

University of Chicago Press - Keeping the polish on landmark parks and in neighborhood playgrounds alike means that the trash must be picked up, benches painted, equipment tested, and leaves raked. Used book in Good Condition. Based on four years of fieldwork in New York City, Who Cleans the Park? looks at the transformation of public parks from the ground up.

With public services no longer being provided primarily by public workers, Krinsky and Simonet argue, the nature of public work must be reevaluated. Hundreds of millions of dollars—both public and private—fund urban jewels like Manhattan’s Central Park. Who cleans the park? asks difficult questions about who benefits from public work, ultimately forcing us to think anew about the way we govern ourselves, with implications well beyond the five boroughs.

Welfare-to-work trainees, volunteers, unionized city workers sometimes working outside their official job descriptions, staff of nonprofit park “conservancies, ” and people sentenced to community service are just a few of the groups who routinely maintain parks. In who cleans the park? john krinsky and maud simonet explain that the work of maintaining parks has intersected with broader trends in welfare reform, civic engagement, criminal justice, and the rise of public-private partnerships.

Who Cleans the Park?: Public Work and Urban Governance in New York City - Beginning with studying changes in the workplace, and culminating in an investigation of a park’s contribution to urban real-estate values, which at the same time promotes unpaid work, reinforces workers’ domination at the workplace, progressing through the public-private partnerships that help maintain the parks, the book unearths a new urban order based on nonprofit partnerships and a rhetoric of responsible citizenship, and increases the value of park-side property.

America’s public parks are in a golden age. Bringing this often-invisible work into view, however, raises profound questions for citizens of cities.

E-Government and Information Technology Management: Concepts and Best Practices

Melvin & Leigh, Publishers - E-government and information technology management is an essential textbook for graduate and undergraduate programs across the world that are taking steps to incorporate courses on e-government/IT as they prepare their students to join the public sector workforce. The book also serves as a comprehensive guide for the growing body of researchers and practitioners in e-government.

The text is comprised of 12 chapters from e-government experts, all written in a clear writing style that balances theory and practice. Each chapter provides background information, critical resources, and emerging trends. Along with questions for class discussion, each chapter includes cases to demonstrate the importance of these areas to practitioners, researchers, and students of technology management and public affairs administration.

E-Government and Information Technology Management: Concepts and Best Practices - The strategic use of data and information technologies has become essential for many governments around the world; not only to improve organizational performance, but also to engage with citizens and other stakeholders. Ramon gil-garcia, state university of New York at Albany Used book in Good Condition.

This book nicely covers concepts and best practices related to digital governance with a primary focus on privacy and security, content, services, usability, and citizen and social engagement. E-government and information technology Management represents a comprehensive and well-balanced collection of foundational and emergent topics, trends, and practical recommendations and, therefore, I highly recommend it.

The New Urban Sociology

Westview Press - Emphasizing the importance of space to social life and real estate to urban development, the book integrates social, ecological and political economy perspectives and research through a fresh theoretical approach. Westview Press. Used book in Good Condition. A thought leader in the field, economics, the book is organized around an integrated paradigm the sociospatial perspective which considers the role played by social factors such as race, lifestyle, class, culture, gender, and politics on the development of metropolitan areas.

Ryan offer expanded discussions of created cultures, and urban tourism, gentrification, and have incorporated the most recent work in the field throughout the text. With its unique perspective, concise history of urban life, and attention to the impact of culture on urban development, clear summary of urban social theory, this book gives students a cohesive conceptual framework for understanding cities and urban life.

The New Urban Sociology - Widely recognized as a groundbreaking text, The New Urban Sociology is a broad and expert introduction to urban sociology that is both relevant and accessible to the student. In this thoroughly revised 5th edition, Ray Hutchison, authors Mark Gottdiener, and Michael T. The new urban sociology is a necessity for all courses on the subject.

Municipal Shared Services and Consolidation: A Public Solutions Handbook The Public Solutions Handbook Series

Routledge - Specific, practical advice follows, implementing, highlighting the processes of creating, and managing shared services and consolidation agreements. Municipal shared services and Consolidation is exceptionally well written and is amplified by examples, cases, illustrations, and a comprehensive bibliography.

Intended for both students and practitioners, this volume in the Public Solutions Handbook Series addresses concepts and processes of shaping collaborative arrangements in public service with goals of effectiveness and efficiency in mind. Municipal shared services and Consolidation provides a comprehensive and clear review of the theories and practices of structuring and managing complex local government services.

Municipal Shared Services and Consolidation: A Public Solutions Handbook The Public Solutions Handbook Series - Westview Press. The handbook begins with a review of theories of shared services and consolidation, highlighting conceptual foundations, practical barriers, and cultural considerations related to these efforts. Used book in Good Condition.

Governing the Metropolitan Region: America's New Frontier: 2014

Routledge - It also can complement more specialized courses such as urban planning, state and local politics, urban government, and intergovernmental relations. Westview Press. This text is aimed at the basic local government management course upper division or graduate that addresses the structural, political and management issues associated with regional and metropolitan government.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America

Island Press - Mallach explores the pervasive significance of race in American cities and looks closely at the successes and failures of city governments, nonprofit entities, and citizens as they have tried to address the challenges of change. The divided city offers strategies to foster greater equality and opportunity.

Even as cities revive, they are becoming more unequal and more segregated. This is the first book to provide a comprehensive, grounded picture of the transformation of America’s older industrial cities. It is neither a dystopian narrative nor a one-sided "the cities are back" story, but a balanced picture rooted in the nitty-gritty reality of these cities.

What does this mean for these cities—and the people who live in them? in the Divided City, Cleveland, urban practitioner and scholar Alan Mallach shows us what has happened over the past 15 to 20 years in industrial cities like Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, Detroit, as they have undergone unprecedented, unexpected revival.

The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America - The divided city is imperative for anyone who cares about cities and who wants to understand how to make today’s urban revival work for everyone. Used book in Good Condition. But vast areas in the same cities house thousands of people living in poverty who see little or no new hope or opportunity. Mallach makes a compelling case that these strategies must be local in addition to being concrete and focusing on people’s needs—education, jobs, housing and quality of life.

Westview Press.

Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interpretation

Esri Press - Classic cartographic textbook updated to reflect what's going on with cartography today. New information on designing web maps, using cartography-related web concepts, and updating data sources with imagery and remote sensing. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Westview Press.

Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public Administrators

Routledge - Used book in Good Condition. Westview Press. This unique text includes extensive end-of-chapter exercises highlighting the importance of qualitative methods and emphasizing practical skills managers should be able to easily and correctly apply. Organized around the four types of studies typically conducted by effective managers and programs, Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public Administrators integrates traditional research methods topics with specific management applications.

Used book in Good Condition.