His Saint: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - They just so happen to be with a big, muscled former navy SEAL who may or may not be everything I've always daydreamed about but never thought I could have. And he's dead-set on looking out for me even when things in my life suddenly get complicated. Babysitting an antiques nerd is hardly my idea of a good time, but as soon the attractive, petite man walks into the workout center, I nearly trip over my own feet.

He's effing adorable. And absolutely scared to death. He won't tell me what's spooked him, but I won't rest until I find a way to take the fear out of his gorgeous eyes. Between the increasing threats against me and pressure from my wealthy family to be someone I'm not, I'm having a hard time keeping it together.

His Saint: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - As i begin to fall apart, i lose faith I'll ever meet anyone who'll want a mess like me—much less meet someone strong and capable like Saint Wilde. The more time i spend with him, however, the more I realize he's not as put together as he seems. While saint's busy looking after everyone else, who's looking after him?Saint:After my big fat mouth gets me in trouble with a high-profile client, my boss takes away the bodyguard gig and sends me back to my hometown to give one of society's elites a few lessons at a local gym.

Beware it includes 90k words of delicious man parts touching, sassy siblings, grandfathers meddling, cats mrrp-ing.


King Me: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - Agent dirk falcon approaches me with an offer I can’t refuse: full immunity for my past crimes in exchange for helping him with one last job. The catch? the job involves stealing from the very man who taught me everything I know. Ever since, i’ve made it my mission to get my hands on him again, and this time I don’t plan on letting go.

Unfortunately, fate has other plans. I thought nothing could be worse than being forced to work with the egotistical SOB, but I was wrong. The same man who double-crossed me years ago. Falling for the charming art thief in the middle of an operation is way, way worse. King: the key to being a good art thief is knowing when to call it quits.

After one close call too many, texas, I decide that time is now and head home to Hobie, intending to hang up my lock picks for good. Falcon: three years ago i arrived at the scene of an art heist to find Kingston Wilde tied to a radiator, claiming to be an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time.

King Me: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - And i was the one who’d let him sweet-talk his way out of my grasp. Unfortunately, the FBI has other plans. Pulling this off means trusting falcon and his team, but how do I trust the sexy agent when he’s staked his career on taking me down?King Me is the seventh book in the Forever Wilde series but you do not have to have read any of the others to enjoy it.

A priceless artifact has gone missing, and King is the only one who can help recover it.


Wilde Love: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - It wasn’t long before my fellow soldiers became family, giving purpose to my time in Vietnam. But everything changes when Doc Wilde joins my medevac crew. He’s tough, brave, and quiet, and he vows to keep me safe. Doc begins to play a starring role in my late night fantasies even though he can never be anything more than a friend, a brother-in-arms.

I thought that was the end of our story. Turns out I was wrong. And suddenly i can’t imagine my life any other way. Over time, our connection continues to grow. All this time he’s been standing in the sidelines, waiting patiently to hand over his heart into my safekeeping. Even though i never imagined building a future with another man, seeing Major in this new light is a revelation.

Wilde Love: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - A night alone in the jungle after a helicopter crash forces us to rely on each other for survival, the secrets we share cementing a bond between us deeper than any I’ve ever known. Liam “doc” wilde:when i wind up on the front lines in Vietnam young and afraid, it’s Major Marian who comes to my rescue.

It’s no surprise when, an unexpected illness turns my life upside down, years later, he’s the first person I turn to for help. And, as always, he drops everything to rescue me. I soon realize that at every step of my life, Major has been there, by my side, putting me first.


Hudson's Luck: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - Even if i'm not, how in the world could a feisty Irishman ever fit into the safe, predictable life I've always planned for?Charlie:Don't ever accidentally fall for the straight guy. Or so i've always thought. To get close to him, touch him, maybe even kiss him. And i may be his. How can i resist?So maybe I’ll give in.

Only, he's not a woman. Charlie murray is most definitely a man—the kind of man who causes me to take a second look for the first time in my life. But the more time i spend with Hudson, the more I think he might be my Forever Man after all. But i'm looking for Forever Man, and the sexy American is certainly not him.

Hudson's Luck: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - But i'm straight. He's so confused about what he wants, even choosing something from the dinner menu throws him into a fuddle. I should know. Because when you make it clear you've made a mistake, he's likely to send you out of the country to get you as far away from his broken-hearted daughter as possible. But those eyes.


Wilde Fire: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - Hobie’s top cop is none other than Seth Walker. Unfortunately, the minute I set eyes on the new sheriff in town, I know I’m screwed. I was wrong. I also thought i could come back home without having to face my past mistakes. Turns out, he’s come home too. I already lost otto to a secret long ago but I’ll be damned if I let another threaten to send our future up in smoke.

Because otto wilde is mine, and I don't plan on ever letting him go again. Each novel in the forever Wilde series can be read on its own or as part of the series. But when he suddenly broke things off without explanation and crushed my heart, it was my turn to run. After a decade in the navy, i’ve finally come home ready to move on with my life as Hobie’s newest firefighter.

Wilde Fire: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - And the fact that i have a lot of work ahead of me if I expect to win him back. Just when things start heating up between us again, a serial arsonist strikes and suspicion falls close to home. The fact that things are still just as complicated now as they were then. Fair warning, there will be nekkid man parts touching, meddling patriarchs, sweet second-chance love themes, and a dearly departed donkey named Debbie Gibson.

And hell if he doesn’t have a lot of explaining to do. Walker:i thought i was doing the right thing when I walked away from Otto Wilde ten years ago without an explanation.


Felix and the Prince: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - Felixthings i expect to find at Gadleigh Castle:- Rare stained glass, the subject of my dissertation. Peace and quiet, to finish said dissertation. An escape from the paparazzi swarming around my starlet mother’s latest blockbuster release. Things i don’t expect to find:- A hidden door leading to a secret room.

The most gorgeous man I’ve ever set eyes on. Love. Liothings i know are expected of me in life:- One day soon I will become the King of Liorland. I will marry a nice woman who will become queen. I will provide heirs to my family’s monarchy. Reasons that might be difficult- I’m gay. I’m falling in love with Felix Wilde.

Felix and the Prince: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - He has no idea I’m royal. While it can definitely be read on its own, texas, felix and the prince is the second novel in the new Forever Wilde series about the huge Wilde family from Hobie, whose patriarchs aren’t above a little meddling if that’s what it takes to help their grandkids find true love.

Let's just say, Felix gets royally screwed in the very best way. Beware: nekkid man parts touch.


Flirt: A Forever Wilde Short

#ad - He wants a real taste of that sugar daddy, even if it means turning the flirt factor up a notch or ten to make it happen. It makes the most sense to read it after Hudson's Luck, but it can also stand on its own. This 36k word novella has pee-in-your-pants humor, peel-the-paint-off-the-walls steam, and a smidgie-poo of hand-on-chest swooning.

Sassy-mouthed stevie Devore has always had a crush on the local fire chief. Gorgeous silver fox, but when stevie turns twenty-one, Evan Paige, not to mention the chief has always been a ladies' man, is way out of Stevie's league, however, he decides he's tired of only daydreaming about Evan.


Facing West: A Forever Wilde Novel

#ad - But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away, leaving me custody of her newborn baby, I'm shocked out of the steady life I've built for myself running a tattoo shop in San Francisco. And pretty soon i know exactly where he belongs: in my bed and by my side. The thing is: I don't do babies.

Because suddenly, I see a different future. My plan is to go back to hobie just long enough to sign adoption papers, giving my niece the kind of stable, loving family I could never provide. One with the very thing I thought I never deserved: a family. If only i can convince west that I'm not the same good-for-nothing kid ready to bolt when things get tough.

The problem is, how do i know that if we become a family he won't do it again? Facing West is the first in the new Forever Wilde series about the huge Wilde family from Hobie, he abandoned his family once before, Texas, whose patriarchs aren't above a little meddling if that's what it takes to help their grandkids find true love.

Facing West: A Forever Wilde Novel #ad - Or commitment. But the moment i meet my niece in the arms of Weston Wilde, my sister's best friend and the town's handsome doctor, my plans begin to change. There's no way i'm letting him take custody of my best friend's baby. Weston: there's one thing i know for sure about nico Salerno: he was a good-for-nothing as a kid and judging by the purple-haired, tattoo'd punk who shows up at his sister's funeral, he hasn't changed.


Forgotten: Luca The Four Book 1

#ad - Not ever. Along with two years of sobriety under my belt, a decent apartment, I've got a good job, and I've managed to put my past where it belongs. Well, let's just say that when I'm done with him, there's no way he'll forget me this time around. Trigger warning: for those who would like to see the trigger warnings associated with this book, please either download the sample or use the "look inside" feature and go to Trigger Warning page for more information.

At least not without trying to make things right first. The day luca came back to get me like he'd promised. Except he never came. And now, eight years later, he's decided he wants to play the hero and save me. In the past. If he's come seeking forgiveness, I'm fresh out. And if he's come seeking something else. The problem is, even if i can make up for leaving Remy behind so long ago, I'm not sure I'll be able to walk away from him twice.

Forgotten: Luca The Four Book 1 #ad - I don't know what that means, but I do know that it scares the hell out of me.


LOL: Laugh Out Loud After Oscar Book 2

#ad - Scotty:when a gorgeous cop comes racing out of a building on Fifth Avenue, and screams, hops in your horse-drawn carriage, “Go!”—you go. You don’t stop and ask for paperwork. Or an explanation of who you’re chasing. Or a badge. You simply follow his shouted orders and try not to kill anyone in the process.

At least, that’s what I did when it happened to me. But then it turns out that the “cop” is none other than Roman Burke, Hollywood’s hottest star, and our little joyride gets me fired. With chaos and scandal swarming around me, suddenly, it isn’t just my career on the line. It’s my heart. Now i’m broke, my horse has been evicted from her barn, and I’ve got nowhere to turn.

LOL: Laugh Out Loud After Oscar Book 2 #ad - Roman:when you accidentally hijack a central Park carriage to escape the paparazzi, get pulled over by the police, and your crisis manager insists you lay low for a while, you nod your head and go. And when the cute carriage driver shows up on your front step, horse in tow, blaming you for losing his job, you agree to fix it.

Even if that means hauling both him and his horse along with you on your Vermont getaway. At least that’s what I did when it happened to me. Unfortunately, trouble seems to stick to the sexy carriage driver like hot syrup on a hotter waffle, making my Vermont retreat anything but quiet.


IRL: In Real Life After Oscar Book 1

#ad - Which is a problem, because I made a vow long ago to never let emotions interfere with my life, either business or personal. Tell the truth about who I am. If it’s only in my head, though, it doesn’t count. After all, it’s not like we’re falling for each other in real life. The same geeky tie that’s held hostage on my phone.

Little do i know the man on the other end of the line is none other than Wells Grange: the most controlling, egotistical, emotionless SOB I’ve ever met. I spend my days squaring off against Wells in the boardroom, and my nights succumbing to the sexy stranger’s commanding texts in the bedroom. Except i can’t stop thinking about him night and day.

IRL: In Real Life After Oscar Book 1 #ad - Within days, i’m falling for someone I shouldn’t, and I have to remind myself that none of this is real. Wells:the first thing i notice about Conor Newell when he sits down in my high-rise conference room is how delightfully nervous he is. After all, once our business is concluded, he’ll be out of my life for good.

The more i get to know Conor, however, the more I start to fall for him. Conor:it starts with a drunken text pic. And it changes everything.