Robert E. Lee: Virginian Soldier, American Citizen

Atheneum Books for Young Readers - However, only when he surrendered in 1865 did the nation understand the kind of man Robert E. His victory at chancellorville, where his troops soundly defeated an enemy twice their size, remains the most astonishing. To some, Robert E. He fought passionately to defend his homeland and was one of the nation's greatest soldiers, yet his name is often inextricably linked with slavery and secession.

In this meticulously researched biography, James I. Lee had great success in battle by spitting his forces and unleashing suprise attacks. He was kind and loving, giving all of himself to a reconciliation between the North and the South. In 1861 lee was lincoln's first choice to lead the Union troops in the Civil War.

Robert E. Lee: Virginian Soldier, American Citizen - Instead he chose to become the commanding officer of the Confederacy. Lee truly was. Lee is a beloved general, held in the highest regard. Robertson explores the life of one of the most revered -- and misunderstood -- Civil War Generals. Atheneum Books. But a strong loyalty to Virginia held Lee back. To others, he is one of history's most paradoxical heroes.

The Untold Civil War: Exploring the Human Side of War

National Geographic - Themes both large and small will be explored and contextualized, painting a fascinating portrait of our national character and showcasing the enduring impact of the Civil War. Postal service? did president lincoln really age so dramatically during the course of the war, to the world-changing effect of the rise of female workers, canned goods, and high emotions, toilets, pre-sized clothing, or was a rare disease to blame for the shocking difference in images of him from before and during the war? From overlooked elements, The Untold Civil War reveals new facets of a seemingly well-known slice of American history, such as the role of weather, to the many "firsts" including the introduction of standard time, health, and Santa Claus, just in time to commemorate its 150th anniversary.

. National Geographic Society. Was gettysburg a tactical success, or was the outcome determined by a far more mundane factor: access to fresh water? How did the need to spread information about the dead and wounded give rise to the U. S. Dramatically illustrated with archival images and objects and compelling contemporary photography, this book delivers a surprise on every page: from precious personal mementos to forgotten battle sites; from newly recovered glass-plate negatives that reveal long-obscured photographic details to long-lost documents; this book adds a new dimension to our understanding of the Civil War and is a must-have for anyone with an interest in American history.

The Untold Civil War: Exploring the Human Side of War - Six thematic chapters—such as "characters, " "connections, " and "A War of Firsts"—present a short introductory essay followed by approximately 30 self-contained stories that detail surprising, little-known, and fresh aspects of the war.

Robert E. Lee: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works Significant Figures in World History

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - Lee: a reference guide to his life and works covers all aspects of his life and work, soldier, and events that shaped Lee’s career as a Virginian, places, including individuals, and peacemaker. National Geographic Society. The extensive A to Z section includes several hundred entries. The bibliography provides a comprehensive list of publications concerning his life and work.

Includes a detailed chronology detailing Robert E. Robert E. Lee’s life, family, and work. The a to z section includes family members, plus seldom-mentioned topics such as geography, desertion, military strategy and tactics, campaigns in two different wars, army organization, politics contending with war, cities as well as rivers and land areas of the time, lieutenants and opponents, earthworks, personal health, and even the legendary “Rebel Yell.

Robert E. Lee: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works Significant Figures in World History - The bibliography includes a list of publications concerning his life and work. The index thoroughly cross-references the chronological and encyclopedic entries.

Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Solider, The Legend

Macmillan Pub. - Stonewall Jackson. Civil War. Unread. Hard cover. Autographed by Author. Traces jacksons life from his humble beginnings, discussing his military campaigns and strategies, to his untimely death in 1863, through his military career, religious beliefs, personal eccentricities, and more. National Geographic Society.


Scribner - Unread. Autographed by Author. Stonewall Jackson. Hard cover. Lee was greeted with critical acclaim when it was first published in 1935. Freeman’s biography is the full portrait of a great American—a distinguished, scholarly, yet eminently readable classic that has linked Freeman to Lee as irrevocably as Boswell to Dr.

Although a member of the planter class, he felt that slavery was “a moral and political evil. Aloof and somber, he nevertheless continually inspired his men by his deep concern for their personal welfare. Civil War. Douglas southall freeman’s Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of Robert E. The son of a revolutionary war hero and related by marriage to George Washington, he was the product of young America’s elite.

Lee - When abraham lincoln offered him command of the United States Army, he choose to lead the confederate ranks, however, convinced that his first loyalty lay with his native Virginia. Johnson. This reissue chronicles all the major aspects and highlights of the general’s military career, from his stunning accomplishments in the Mexican War to the humbling surrender at Appomattox.

More than just a military leader, Lee embodied all the conflicts of his time. Scribner.

After the Civil War: The Heroes, Villains, Soldiers, and Civilians Who Changed America

National Geographic - Following these extraordinary legends from the battle lines to the White House, from budding metropolises to the wooly west, we re-discover the foundation of this great country. Unread. Hard cover. Civil War. Autographed by Author. National Geographic Society. Relentless politicians, cunning innovators—the times called for bold moves, intrepid fighters, and this resilient generation would not disappoint.

From william tecumseh sherman, a fierce leader who would revolutionize modern warfare, whose undefeatable weapon was his stirring cartoons, to Thomas Nast, these are the people who weathered the turmoil to see a nation reborn. Scribner. Returning to the turbulent days of a nation divided, best-selling author and acclaimed historian James Robertson explores 70 fascinating figures who shaped America during Reconstruction and beyond.

After the Civil War: The Heroes, Villains, Soldiers, and Civilians Who Changed America - Stonewall Jackson.

Stonewall Jackson : The Man, the Soldier, the Legend

Macmillan Library Reference - Stonewall Jackson. Hard cover. Autographed by Author. Scribner. Unread. Civil War. A portrait of confederate general "stonewall" Jackson traces his life from his humble beginnings through his military career, to his untimely death in 1863 National Geographic Society.

Civil War Virginia: Battleground for a Nation

University of Virginia Press - This book by aclaimed author, James I. Autographed by Author. National Geographic Society. Stonewall Jackson. Hard cover. Scribner. This guide includes the 26 major battlefields in Virginia as well as some of the smaller skirmishes. Unread. Robertson, Jr. Is a comprehensive guide book to all the major Civil War sties in Virginia.

Robertson has put together a handy volume filled with fascinating, and sometimes, little-known facts. Civil War.

Standing Like a Stone Wall: The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson

Atheneum - National Geographic Society. Scribner. Unread. Autographed by Author. Hard cover. Civil War. Provides the biography of this american military hero, from his earliest days as an orphan and his accomplishments at West Point through his successes during the Mexican-American War and campaigns as a general in the Civil War.

Stonewall Jackson.

Darkness at Chancellorsville: A Novel of Stonewall Jackson's Triumph and Tragedy

Forge Books - Lee and stonewall jackson bring off an against-all-odds surprise victory, humiliating a Yankee force three times the size of their own, while the Northern army is torn by rivalries, anti-immigrant prejudice and selfish ambition. Unread. National Geographic Society. Autographed by Author. Scribner. And, in the end, the confederate triumph proved a Pyrrhic victory, since it lured Lee to embark on what would become the war's turning point―the Gettysburg Campaign featured in Cain At Gettysburg.

Ralph peters' darkness at chancellorsville is a novel of one of the most dramatic battles in American history, from the New York Times bestselling, three-time Boyd Award-winning author of the Battle Hymn Cycle. Centered upon one of the most surprising and dramatic battles in American history, Darkness at Chancellorsville recreates what began as a brilliant, triumphant campaign for the Union―only to end in disaster for the North.

Darkness at Chancellorsville: A Novel of Stonewall Jackson's Triumph and Tragedy - Hard cover. Famed confederate Generals Robert E. Civil War. Stonewall Jackson. This historically accurate epic captures the high drama, human complexity and existential threat that nearly tore the United States in two, in blue and gray, featuring a broad range of fascinating―and real―characters, who sum to an untold story about a battle that has attained mythic proportions.

Civil War Sites in Virginia: A Tour Guide

University of Virginia Press - The historian brian steel wills offers here a revised and updated edition that retains the core of the original guide, with its rich and insightful prose, but that takes these major changes into account, introducing especially the benefits of expanded interpretation and of improved accessibility. Bud" robertson’s civil war sites in Virginia: A Tour Guide has enlightened and informed Civil War enthusiasts and scholars alike.

. Since 1982, the renowned Civil War historian James I. Unread. But in the years since the book’s original publication, accessibility to many sites and the interpretive material available have improved dramatically. National Geographic Society. New maps and a list of specialized tour suggestions assist in planning visits to sites, while three dozen illustrations, from nineteenth-century drawings to modern photographs, bring the war and its impact on the Old Dominion vividly to life.

Civil War Sites in Virginia: A Tour Guide - The book expertly explores the commonwealth’s Civil War sites for those hoping to gain greater insight and understanding of the conflict. The guide incorporates new information on the lives of a broad spectrum of soldiers and citizens while revisiting scenes associated with the era’s most famous personalities.

Civil War. With the sesquicentennial remembrances of the American Civil War heightening interest and spurring improvements, there may be no better time to learn about and visit these important and moving sites than now. Stonewall Jackson.