The Mule Tamer III, Marta’s Quest

John Horst - They are needed in Mexico. Follow the girls on an adventure, their faith in each other to overcome the challenges facing them as they search for inner and outer peace, greed, self-doubt and a new one, their loyalty, vanity, likely the most difficult of them all, a road to discovery where they will have to summon their courage and call upon their talents, battling the old demons, lust, maturation into adulthood.

. The revolution has started; Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa are on the move. But something is rotten in their beloved Mexico. Nineteen-eleven is the year our two beauties, rebecca walsh and Marta del Toro leave the comfort and safety of their boarding school back East, under the watchful eye of their grandmother Abuelita and Madame Boutin, headmistress of Stonefields School for Young Ladies.

Will they defeat the dragon, or will it consume them, take them down and make them just one of the many victims in the sad and tragic life story that is Mexico?Marta’s Quest is the final chapter in The Mule Tamer Trilogy, chronicling the exploits, trials and tribulations of this remarkable and heroic family.

The Mule Tamer III, Marta's Quest - They’re headed to smith College in the fall, to continue on the path of the blueblood debutante. Adulio, their faithful servant and overseer of the Del Toro ranch has come to fetch them. The people of mexico need them, need their help fighting the minions of a greedy oil company and the totalitarian thugs held over from the Díaz Regime, with the father of Yellow Journalism thrown in for good measure.

Read the story of these strong and intelligent young women as they respond to first love, romance, intrigue and betrayal.

The Mule Tamer II, Chica's Ride

- The beautiful devil or angel can battle the worst of the worst and get what she’s after. Chica and her Arvel will not do it alone. Dick welles the stalwart arizona ranger, dan george the imitable lawyer and longtime family friend, Will Panks the dynamite wielding prospector, Billy Livingston the aborigine healer, Ging Wa the gentle servant girl turned physician and Pilar, the real mistress of the mule ranch.

All have one purpose, to help the beloved Walsh family travel through the wilds of Mexico to bring justice as they battle the worst evil known to man. It is a new millennium, the end of days, talk of the end of the world, the grand eclipse of nineteen-hundred; will it herald the apocalypse, purge the world and prepare it for the great conflagration? Or is it just a great hoax conjured up to scare Gold Hat and his men out of their wits? Find out in The Mule Tamer II, the one sent by God to enact vengeance, the new beginning? Is Chica the chosen one, the second coming of Christ, Chica’s Ride.

The Mule Tamer II, Chica's Ride - Sombrero del oro is back and he has stolen something that will unleash a fury that neither he nor his gang have ever known. She was once wild, and now tame, once vulgar and now refined. The old gang is back! the men, the women, the horses and mules you learned to love so in The Mule Tamer have returned. Chica has everything to lose and is more terrifying and ruthless than ever.

The bride of a blueblood easterner, a devoted wife, a loving mother, but it quickly becomes apparent that she has not lost her edge.

Maria's Trail The Mule Tamer

- Follow this remarkable woman as she journeys through the first adventures of her life, suffering hardship and pain, loss and danger, betrayal and first love. Prequel to the mule tamer trilogy, Maria’s Trail chronicles the first adventures of Senora Arvel Walsh. Maria’s trail is a long and tumultuous one, essential to make the glorious Maria the remarkable creature that we’ve come to know and love.

Her exploits are legendary and it soon becomes evident why everyone who comes under her spell can only love her. Chica, the beautiful devil, Artemis, she is the great tragic hero of The Mule Tamer saga.

A Cowboy's Honor The Texas Riders Western A Western Frontier Fiction

- Especially … now … that the man responsible for killing his wife and son is free. You can’t escape your past, but you can fight for justice. Rex wallace just sold his ranch. Even if it means letting Otis go. Otis escaped right before his hanging. And he’s out for revenge!rex has brothers, nephews, nieces, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them.

But otis has other plans. Now its townspeople are all in danger, especially the woman and child Rex has been spending his time with. He can’t turn away from battle anymore, especially not when the battle has come to him. Rex is ready for war, but will he be the one who ends up dead? He’s tired of living in the place where his wife and son were murdered.

A Cowboy's Honor The Texas Riders Western A Western Frontier Fiction - He’s going to take down Rex and the entire town he’s been hired to protect. Thunder hill is a small town without many worries, until Otis shows up. All he wants is a fresh start, as the sheriff in a new town. But cowboys just can’t just start over.


- He looked at his equally terrified nanny unaware that they had been abandoned to die in the wilderness. The camp behind the bear was empty. What made it more horrifying was what she didn’t see. The loud roar snapped Mrs. Doyle from her sleep and she quickly slid from her bedroll, stepped to the tent’s flap and pulled it aside seeing a bear standing on its hind legs just a few feet from her.

. She dropped the flap and turned to her the frightened boy standing behind her.

The Mule Tamer

- Texas pushed them out of their land with the famous texas rangers, can arizona do the same? Challenged by savage bandits, psychotic serial killers, and anarchists, Arvel Walsh and Dick Welles will have to summon all their knowledge, and all their guts as veterans of the Civil War to make the fledgling Arizona Rangers a force to be reckoned with.

. A mighty fine, meandering western" ~ kirkus reviewspatrick smithwick, author of flying change: A Year of Racing and Family and Steeplechasing and Racing My Father: Growing Up with a Riding Legend: "Reading The Mule Tamer reminded me of the same adrenalin-pumping experience I had when watching the TV mini-series Lonesome Dove.

The Mule Tamer - Yet, author john horst has set his sights higher than the creating of a stereotypical and rehashed Western plot. Laws are hard to enforce and bad hombres know it. Follow the men as they ride across the deserts and through the arroyos of southern Arizona, encountering dangers, and side show freaks while discovering that heroes may be found in the most unlikely places, a severed head in a bottle, and that a certain beautiful and unpredictable woman may very well be the key to their success and their salvation, a mystical aborigine, in more ways than one.

Also, all of us who love classic Western movies will be drawn to the challenges facing Walsh and Welles. On the other hand, drug-induced deliriums, killings, crisply written scenes – whether of shoot-outs, many of the sharply, or lust – brought back memories from Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy which began with All the Pretty Horses.

Being a painstakingly researched novel, some of its most graphically etched scenes taken right out of the pages of 1890’s newspapers, The Mule Tamer will interest readers of historical novels as well as of American history. Indeed, i can see the mule tamer’s arvel Walsh being played by Robert Duvall and Dick Welles being played by Tommy Lee Jones.

Blue Valley Ben Blue Book 14

- Ben, and crew are blindsided by the idea that a man many hundreds of miles away, his family, would have such an interest in a valley in northern New Mexico. He’s not just any someone but a man with unimaginable wealth, resources, and power. Help was coming from many directions, and all the rest, tex, and ride along with Ben, but would it be in time or enough? Fasten your spurs, Flynn, check the loads in your Winchester, as they try to save Blue Valley.

 . Someone wants the MB connected. An unusually high bounty was advertised for three documents pertaining to the MB ranch. Everyone from cheap con men to hard core gunfighters and killers were coming from places like St. Their instructions were, “do whatever it takes, ” It was open season on Blue Valley, as it was being called by Taos locals.

Blue Valley Ben Blue Book 14 - The first raid was clumsy and poorly planned, but the attacks began coming with better and better planning organization. Louis, chicago, and New Orleans.

War Adams

- United states marshal War Adams stared at the telegram in disbelief. His father had been murdered? as difficult as it was to come to grips with the news, it would become more disturbing when he discovered that the person arrested for the crime was the nurse that his father had hired to ease his suffering from his killing disease, and that the nurse was the same woman whose husband he had shot and killed.

Ben Gray

- The job turned into anything but routine when assassins were sent to murder his brother and him so someone else could lay claim to the gold mine, and they had been sent by his boss, the chief agent. He didn’t mind because he’d be able to go and visit his brother, who unknown to him, had just found a rich deposit of gold in his mine near Leadville.

Pinkerton agent ben gray was being sent to Denver for another all-to-common request for confirmation of marital infidelity.

Slow John

- After five long years in the army, first lieutenant John Flynn was finally being mustered out and would soon be going home to the family he hadn’t even heard from in all that time. He left to cross the plains of Nebraska to find his family, but would find so much more. But when he rode to the family home, he made two shocking discoveries: his family was gone, and he had been declared dead by the army four years earlier.

Teton Shad Cain Book 7

- A second attack on the trail ended with the raiders being run off again, and one of their number dead. The gang leader swore a blood oath on Cain and dogged him almost to the Montana border. Shadrac cain had taken a pleasure trip up to the Tetons a year earlier, but an arrogant European nobleman and his minions had caused so much trouble that he didn’t get to enjoy it.

With the man gone, the barn burned, and the stock scattered, Cain had no choice but to help get them moved to the nearest town. Billows of smoke on the Wyoming plains usually meant trouble for someone. A good deed done for an old friend left him pleased he was able to help but melancholy. So when spring came to his Colorado home, he headed north again to soak up the beauty and grandeur of the Tetons.

Teton Shad Cain Book 7 - The extra fire power from cain’s rifle saved the day, but at the cost of the husband and father’s life. In this case, it meant a small family was under attack by white renegades. Moving what goods and cattle they could gather, Shadrac set out with the aid of teen aged girl and a young boy, while the older woman drove the wagon.