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8WeeksOut Media - Ultimate mma conditioning is foremost authority on how to get in shape for combat sports. Used by top pros from ufc, K-1, Dream, Pride, and more!. Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. Whether you're a fighter, or just want to get in the best shape possible, coach, Ultimate MMA Conditioning will help you get there faster than ever before.

Complete a-Z Blueprint guaranteed to improve conditioning. Top mixed martial artists stars like rich franklin, Demetrious Johnson, Bibiano Fernandes, Tim Boetsch, Chris Leben and many more have relied on Joel to get in shape and ready to fight. Written by internationally renowned expert and strength and conditioning coach, Joel Jamieson, this book will give you a complete A-Z blueprint to radically improve conditioning through a unique scientifically proven approach.

Triphasic Training: A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance Volume 1

Bye Dietz Sports Enterprise - Triphasic Training is the pinnacle of sports performance training. The results were outstanding! it's a “must have” for anyone trying to get better!”- Jeff DillmanDirector of Strength and ConditioningUniversity of Florida Football “Amazing book! One of the best books I have read on strength and conditioning.

Awesome work!”- jonas sahratianstrength and conditioning CoordinatorUniversity of North Carolina Basketball“I have to congratulate you as Triphasic Training is one of the best books in strength and conditioning I have read. A good blend of innovation, science/research and experience throughout. Scott williamsexercise PhysiologistGolf Australia and PGA of Australia.

In this book, these hyperlinks are indicated by words or phrases that are underlined. A must have book for any coach's or athlete's library. Buddy morrisworld renown performance coach“Triphasic Training is a game-changer! I integrated the Triphasic Method with many collegiate and professional athletes at IMG.

Triphasic Training: A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance Volume 1 - No B. S. Just honest facts. His approach breaks down athletic movements into their three components -- eccentric, isometric, speed, and concentric -- allowing for the continuous development of athletes, maximizing their strength, and power. In this easy-to-understand book, ben peterson, making athletes bigger, to explain the physiological foundations of Triphasic Training and how they can be applied to training, Coach Dietz has teamed up with exercise physiologist, stronger and faster than ever before.

Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Conscious coaching is a movement and its time has come. The result is a game-changing book that sets the stage for coaches to create a culture of success not only within sport, but also beyond. In the world of strength and conditioning, learning how to move others—not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally—is paramount to getting the most out of them.

People are the ultimate performance variable, and understanding how to effectively blend knowledge of proper training with the nuances of human behavior is integral to helping athletes achieve their ultimate goals. Readers learn the foundational principles of improving relationships, enhancing engagement, and gaining the trust of athletes through targeted communication.

Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In - And, every bit as important, readers also learn concrete strategies to apply these principles in day-to-day coaching situations they will inevitably encounter. Unfortunately, while much attention has been given to the science of physical training, little attention has been given to the science of communication.

Conscious coaching: the Art and Science of Building Buy-In bridges this gap.

New Functional Training for Sports

Human Kinetics Publishers - New functional training for Sports is a refined and expanded version of Boyle's original work published more than a decade previously. Boyle also draws on the latest research and his wealth of experience to offer programming advice and recommendations on foam rolling, stretching, and dynamic warm-ups. Michael boyle, presents the concepts, exercises, one of the world's leading sport performance coaches, methods, and programs that maximize athletes' movements in competition.

Self-reinforcing progressions in exercises for the lower body, upper body, stability, and ultimately total body give athletes the balance, strength, core, proprioception, and power they require for excelling in their sports. A series of functional assessments help in determining the design of a specific plan for each athlete.

New Functional Training for Sports - This edition offers the most current functional training expertise to apply to your specific purposes. New functional training for sports, track, field, Second Edition produces the best results on the court, and mat, not just in the weight room. Train to perform at the highest level with the lowest risk of injury.

Sample programs assist in the customization process and ensure each aspect of preparation for physical performance. New functional training for sports goes beyond traditional exercise descriptions and explanations, incorporating full-color, commentary, high-definition composites of foundational movements as well as online access to video demonstrations, and analysis of key exercises.

Human Kinetics.


Verkhoshansky.com - Every topic is covered in almost 600 pages. Strength and the muscular system * philosophy of physical training * the muscle complex * adaptation and the training effect * sport specific strength training * Factors influencing strength production * The means of special strength training * The methods of special strength training * Organization of training * Strength training methods * Designing sports specific strength programs * Restoration and stress management * Combination of resistance methods * The use of testing * Overtraining * PNF as a training system * Models for structuring the annual training * Preparedness and the training load * Periodisation as a form of organization * Plyometric Human Kinetics.

The shock method * the development of adaptation process during the long term sport activity * the "compensatory adaptation" * current adaptive reserve of the human organism * The strategy to manage the adaptation in the training process * The specificity of protein synthesis in the adaptation process * The structural reconstructions during the adaptation process and the phenomenon of Supercompensation * Heterochronism of adaptive reconstructions * The function efficiency in a high - adapted organism * The optimal regime of adaptation * The phenomenon of immune defence decrease * The general schema of adaptation process during the sport activity * The practical aspects of the Adaptation Theory * The future developments of the use of Adaptation Theory in sport This book is a must have for any athlete or coach.

Weight Room Wisdom: Lessons In Leadership From 99 Strength Coaches

Independently published - Weight room wisdom is a collection of inspirational stories used by 99 of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the world. Getting athletes to buy into the workout, the culture, and to you as a coach is what's hard. Through my years of coaching my favorite moments are those with the athletes before our after a lift, when we get the chance to talk with them about being a better human.

Those that strive to break up the monotony of typical coaching cliches with skilled storytelling. Stories that will inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Human Kinetics. As strength and conditioning Coaches we all know that writing the workout is the easy part. Using stories to teach them life lessons that will help them to be the best athlete they can be, but more importantly lessons that will stick with them long after athletics.

Weight Room Wisdom: Lessons In Leadership From 99 Strength Coaches - A combination of metaphorical, experiential, and personal stories they have used to inspire their athletes for years. This book is for any coach that aspires to make an impact in their athletes life.

Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition

Human Kinetics - This edition is much more practical than its predecessor; to this end, the book provides the practitioner with the understanding to craft strength training programs based on individuals' needs. Science and practice of strength training, Second Edition, shows that there is no one program that works for any one person at all times or for all conditions.

The book also includes suggested readings that can further aid readers in developing strength training programs. This expanded and updated coverage of strength training concepts will ground readers in the understanding they need in order to develop appropriate strength training programs for each person that they work with.

Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition - . Part iii explores training for specific populations. This new second edition of Science and Practice of Strength Training comes with many additions and changes. A new coauthor, Dr. William Kraemer, joins Dr. Those approaches are applied to new physiological concepts and training practices, which provide readers with the most current information in the science and practice of strength training.

Mint Condition. Among Dr. Guaranteed packaging.

Applied Sprint Training by James Smith 2014-02-01

Vervante - Guaranteed packaging. The coach who seeks to operate at an omniscient capacity assumes a global perspective towards problem solving. No quibbles returns. This point of view is central towards enhancing the process of deconstructing problems down to the basal level; at which point any possibility for debate is obviated.

Securing biomechanical movement efficiency is only one part of a greater whole; however, which is the omniscient objective of optimizing global training load management. New. There is no professional coaching endeavor that is capable of superseding the importance of securing biomechanical movement efficiency.

Applied Sprint Training by James Smith 2014-02-01 - Movement is the commonality shared between all athletes in all sports. Mint Condition. Sprint speed -speed zones - intensity limits -speed development strategies -tempo -utility of power speed drills -task specific work capacity -implications on Sport Training Load Management -Acceleration is a Skill -Reduction in Non-Contact Injury -Trainability of Speed -Dynamic Stereotype -Sprint Training Integrated into the Training Load via the High/Low Method -Applied Sciences -Specialized Exercises and Drills for Sprinting -Alactic Speed Work -Applied Sprint Training -Program Examples Human Kinetics.

Thus the optimization of its efficiency benefits performance advancement as much as the prevention of injury. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. Any coach of speed/power athletes is assured to enhance these competition outcomes via the study and practice of applied sprint training. Sprinting is one of the basal constituents, in the preparation of most T&F, arguably the most important, team based field and court sport athletes.

Periodization Training for Sports

Human Kinetics Publishers - In this new edition of periodization training for sports, bompa teams with strength and conditioning expert Carlo Buzzichelli to demonstrate how to use periodized workouts to peak at optimal times by manipulating strength training variables through six training phases anatomical adaptation, conversion to specific strength, hypertrophy, maintenance, maximum strength, and tapering and integrating them with energy system training and nutrition strategies.

Own what will be considered the bible of strength training for sport of the next decade. No more guessing about preseason conditioning, in-season workloads, or rest and recovery periods; now it's simply a matter of identifying and implementing the information in this book. No quibbles returns. Coaches and athletes in 35 sports have at their fingertips a proven program that is sure to produce the best results.

Periodization Training for Sports - Periodization training for Sports goes beyond the simple application of bodybuilding or powerlifting programs to build strength in athletes. Human Kinetics. Get in better shape next season and reap the benefits of smarter workouts in competition. Mint Condition. Presented with plenty of ready-made training schedules, Periodization Training for Sports is your best conditioning planner if you want to know what works, why it works, and when it works in the training room and on the practice field.

Game Changer

Victory Belt Publishing - New. Human Kinetics Publishers. Guaranteed packaging. Bringing together the latest evidence-based practices and lessons from business, immersive learning experiences for individual players and the entire team that deliver defined outcomes  • structure player development with a new,  Game Changer is the first book of its kind that helps coaches, group dynamics, and casual fans:    • Create a cohesive game plan that improves performance through defined objectives, holistic model that puts athlete health first and helps reduce the chance of injury and burnout • Balance training load so that all players are fresh and ready to play at their best in competition • Rethink coaching and organizational leadership and enhance communication, biology, psychology, and many other fields, and tactics • Put statistical analysis and technology into context so teams can bypass the hype and get meaningful results • Identify dominant qualities to maximize during training and limiting factors to improve • Create realistic, athletes, strategies, and player interaction • Create a winning team culture Human Kinetics.

Through his unprecedented experiences with teams in professional football, as well as with elite military units, rugby, Aussie Rules, and Gaelic football, Connolly has discovered how to break down the common elements in all sports to their basic components so that each moment of any game can be better analyzed, basketball, soccer, whether you’re a player or a coach.

Game Changer - As the rewards for winning have increased, it’s no surprise that sports team budgets have followed suit. No quibbles returns. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. Sure, the athletic program at the university of Texas brought in $161 million last year, but the Longhorns also spent $154 million over the same period.

Mint Condition.

Rants of a Strength & Conditioning MadMan

Independently published - Human Kinetics Publishers. No quibbles returns. Strength & conditioning Self Help Human Kinetics. Mint Condition. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. Game Changer. Guaranteed packaging. New.